West Texas Aoudad Hunt

  • Five days, two guides
  • 13,000 acre free range hunt
  • Special Operations instructor, guide, and teacher
  • Lessons in wind calling, land nav, hunting pro tips with a precision rifle
  • Harvest fee, lodging, and food all included

One hunter: $12,850

Two hunters: $19,520 ($9,760 per person)

This hunt is available for a single hunter or a pair of hunters, all hunters will need a valid Texas hunting license. The pricing includes the harvest fee, lodging, and food. Travel to Terlinqua is a la carte. If you would rather not drive yourself, we are happy to arrange transportation for you at an additional cost.

The greatest adventures are inherently the most difficult. This hunt is not for the faint of heart. It is a physical five day excursion into the harsh Texas desert mountains. You will return to your lodging each day, but you must be in good physical condition and mentally prepared to handle the daytime outings. The guides will be there to pass along important knowledge and coach you to success. Given the difficulty of this hunt, Clay and Coby will be screening candidates to ensure everyone involved is prepared. For those that pass the screening, this will be a hunt of a lifetime.

Just north of the infamous Terlingua Ghost Town, nestled deep in the mountainous Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas, you’ll find 3 Bar Ranch. A historic ranch that offers an expansive 13,000 acres of pristine high Texas desert. Alongside the many animals that call 3 Bar Ranch home, you’ll find the Aoudad.

Originally native to West Africa, Aoudad are a robust and impressive species of mountain dwelling wild sheep. Initially brought to Texas in the early 20th Century by zookeepers before being set free, Aoudad have now staked their claim to the remote and wild reaches of far West Texas, once home to the now diminished Desert Bighorn.

Proving stronger and more resilient than the Bighorn, Aoudad can spend much longer periods away from food and water sources. They thrive on the shear arid margins of the ancient Texas range making them challenging to both stalk and harvest.

Mature rams called Herd Masters are a truly magnificent animal weighing over 300 pounds, they sport long flowing manes called Chaps, and massive gently curling horns that can surpass 3 feet in length.

Their exceptional smell, vision, and hearing, combined with their remarkable ability to move effortlessly over some of the most difficult terrain on the planet, ranks the Aoudad among the most challenging big game animals to pursue. With the canyon winds carrying scent and sound long distances, it is critical to have an experienced guide by your side.

On this uniquely designed five-day guided hunt, you will receive instruction in wind calls, hunting tactics, navigation, glassing, and long-range shooting from Special Operations Sniper and Lead Instructor Clay Hergert of ATX Precision and Coby Porter, a long time Terlingua hunter, guide, and precision rifle shooter who has spent many decades on the 13,000 acre property.

This curriculum is designed to refine the shooters abilities while bringing our customers a world class hunting experience.

If you're looking for a true free range adventure hunt that ranks high in physicality, education, and trophy... this is a hard hunt to beat in Texas or beyond.

Meet the guides

Clayton Hergert (Left)

As a native of the Texas Panhandle, Clayton began hunting and shooting at a young age. He quickly developed a lifelong passion for outdoor sports. Ever since Clayton was young, he aspired to serve his country. After graduating college, Clayton qualified as a Navy SEAL in 2002. While on active duty he spent time on both East and West Coast Teams, along with a Special Boat Team. He led men and women on multiple deployments all over the globe, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Republic of Chad, and Bahrain.

As part of his Naval Special Warfare training, he successfully completed the Range Operations Safety Course, qualifying as both a Range Safety Officer and Range Officer-in-Charge. Shortly after, he graduated from the rigorous USMC Scout Sniper Basic Course (MCB Quantico, Class 01-05), which opened the door into the precision rifle disciplines. After his military service, Clayton continued to refine his craft through involvement in the Precision Rifle Series competition circuit, custom gun builders, and numerous industry leaders and programs. He is the founder of ATX Precision in Burnet, TX.

Coby Porter (Right)

A 7th generation Texan who can trace his roots back to the war for Texas independence, Coby grew up
ranching in the Texas Hill Country where he developed a passion for the outdoors. He has since gone on
to develop a career in the firearms industry while still operating his family ranch and pursuing his
obsession with the outdoors. Coby honed his big game hunting skills in the mountains of the Western
United States and holds dear the principals of ethical, fair chase hunting. For Coby, the experience of
hunting big game is as important as the kill. The struggle of the hunt is as rewarding as posing with the
Coby currently serves as the National Account Manager for Desert Tech where he works closely with the
ATX Precision and Sportsman’s Finest teams to provide world class training and hunting experiences.

Sportsman’s Finest wishes to remind all our hunting clients that in North America it is customary to tip guides and camp staff. A good rule of thumb is to tip your guide at least 10% of the total cost of the hunt.