Healing Waters Lodge: Montana Fly Fishing Twin Bridges

Healing Waters Lodge is a fly fishing lodge, located in southwest Montana in the heart of the Ruby valley between the towns of Twin Bridges and Sheridan and approximately 28 miles north of Dillon.  They are literally surrounded by mountain ranges, conservation minded landowners, and prolific trout habitat that includes spring creeks, streams, and rivers such as the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Jefferson, Madison, and Ruby.      


The Smith River is centrally located in Montana, beginning in the Castle Mountains flowing northwest where it eventually joins the Missouri River about 10 miles south of Great Falls.  A fifty-nine mile section of the Smith River corridor is designated as a state park under the management of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency.  Permits are required to float this most coveted section of the river in order to preserve and protect this important resource.  Lewis & Clark Expeditions, which is also owned by Healing Waters Lodge holds most of the commercial outfitter permits and has over 25 years of experience running 5 day/four night trips on this river.  If you have ever put in for a permit to be able to access, you know how impossible it can feel like to try to get on the river.  Letting this premier outfitter take you down the river with their permits is the easiest way to access the river, and the most rewarding as they are dialed into this trip with 25 years of experience. 


The Beaverhead River flows out of Clark Canyon Reservoir Dam creating one of Montana’s blue-ribbon trout streams; blessing the landscape with cool nutritious water always competitive with other rivers for the largest trout per river mile. The Beaverhead is narrow with undercut banks, plenty of fly devouring brush, and surprisingly, home to very muscular and combative brown trout.  The upper Beaverhead is narrow, tight and seeming to require tiny little Mayfly nymphs in order to be productive. When the stars align, delicate PMD’s appear offering truly world class angling. The guides also fish the middle Beaverhead. Their private access agreements, with a few kind, generous, and visionary landowners, allow us to concentrate on productive runs, pools and riffles. These floats are high risk/high reward with the reward always outweighing the risk.


The Big Hole River flows for 153 miles through a fly fishing wonderland filled with Brook, Rainbow, Brown and Cutthroat trout. The Big Hole is the last remaining habitat for fluvial Arctic Grayling in the contiguous United States. Sliding along the Pioneer Mountains, the Big Hole River becomes world class for pocket water as the river gains momentum slicing into the Canyon section; it becomes a high demand destination for anglers during the prolific Salmon Fly Hatch in June.

The Madison River, like all true western rivers, possesses enormous vitality. The river is born in the high plateau of Yellowstone National Park at a point where the Gibbon and Firehole rivers merge. As the Madison descends it becomes a giant riffle moving with fortitude, grace and endless beauty before collapsing into the Jefferson to form the Missouri at Three Forks, Montana.  Reading water here is high art. Guides need to interpret all of the nuances of holding water on the Madison. A small indentation can hold a 20″ brown trout. A little break in the water around a boulder can conjure up an 18″ rainbow. You’re fishing the seams of submerged islands in concert with one of the greatest pieces of moving water anywhere.

The Beaverhead River winds its way through the town of Twin Bridges and just outside of town, meets with the Big Hole River, forming the Jefferson River.  The Jefferson runs northeastwardly for about 77 river miles to Three Forks, where it meets up with the Madison and Gallatin Rivers to form the Missouri.  The Jefferson has made a dramatic comeback over the years, becoming an excellent fishery through the hard work and cooperation of landowners, Montana Trout Unlimited, Water Conservation Districts and anglers, illustrating what we can accomplish when working together on behalf of river habitat health and conservation.

Healing Waters has access to many spring creek fisheries as well.  The majority of this type of fishing is done by means of private access given by local landowners.  A great example of these smaller streams is the Ruby River.  The Ruby is a small meadow stream that always produces a great day while standing along its grassy banks.  You must inquire during the booking process to know what water will be available during your stay at the lodge.  These private access points do require an additional rod fee each day fished. ($100-$150 a rod, per day)



Healing Waters Lodge has a reputation for being a superior fly fishing lodge in the Twin Bridges area. The lodge is located in the Ruby Valley between the towns of Sheridan and Twin Bridges and has views in every direction, a fishing pond and surrounded by cottonwood trees. Everything about the lodge is designed with the comfort of their guests in mind.

• Clean, comfortable rooms
• Personal fishing equipment holders
• Door to door guide service
• Personalized laundry service
• Large outdoor hot tub
• Exercise room
• Fishing pond

Their wonderful cuisine is freshly prepared for every meal of the day. From hot breakfasts and streamside lunches to elegant dinners, we have it all, and can provide you a taste of Southwest Montana that you’re never going to forget.



Although the fishing can be excellent from April until November, it is a good idea to speak with us, or the owner (Mike Geary) about what type of fishing or what specific river you have in mind to fish.  There are definitely better times for different styles of fishing.  As an example, if you want to throw only dry flies you will want to stay at the lodge in July.


The Bert Mooney airport is located in Butte, Montana; which is the closest airport to the lodge.  Once you are in Butte; there will be about an hour long drive to the lodge. 

From Butte, take I-90 E until you get to exit 249 for MT-55 toward MT-69/Whitehall. Turn right onto MT-55 S/N Whitehall St, turn right onto MT-2, then take a slight left to continue on MT-55 S. Turn right toward Middle Rd, take a left onto Tuke Ln, and you’ll see our driveway on the left.

There are other airports in Montana that are great options for travel, however flying to Butte leaves you with the shortest drive to the lodge.  Another favorite airport would be the Bozeman/Yellowstone Airport.

Airport transfers can be arranged for an additional charge.



Three Nights Lodging/Two Days Guided Fishing:
• $2275 Per Person/double occupancy: A Single Angler pays an additional $100 per night
• $1200 Non Fishing Guest When Accompanying an Angler

Four Nights Lodging/Three Days Guided Fishing:
$3000 Per Person/double occupancy: A Single Angler pays an additional $100 per night
• $1625 Non Fishing Guest When Accompanying an Angler

Five Nights Lodging/Four Days Guided Fishing:
$3725 Per Person/double occupancy: A Single Angler pays an additional $100 per night
• $2050 Non Fishing Guest When Accompanying an Angler

Six Nights Lodging/Five Days Guided Fishing:
$4450 Per Person/double occupancy: A Single Angler pays an additional $100 per night
• $2475 Non Fishing Guest When Accompanying an Angler

Seven Nights Lodging/Six Days Guided Fishing:
$5175 per person/double occupancy: A Single Angler pays an additional $100 per night
• $2900 Non Fishing Guest When Accompanying an Angler

Included in your Healing Waters Lodge stay:
• Lodging, meals, guided fishing, beer and wine, loaner fly-fishing equipment.
• The guides will have flies, leaders, and indicators, but it is always a great idea to bring a few of your favorites along with you.

Rates do not include:
• Fishing licenses, guide gratuities, private water fishing fees.
• Air fare.
• Airport shuttles. Airport shuttles can be arranged for an additional charge.

• Deposit Policy: 50% of the total package price is required
• Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel your trip, a full refund will be issued if notice of the cancellation is provided at least 120 days prior to your lodging and fishing dates.

There are never any up charges when booking thru Sportsman's Finest.

Please email casey@sportsmansfinest.com for further inquiry.



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