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Posted On: Dec 07, 18

Blue Horizon operates inside the protection of the Belize Barrier Reef.  This is the epicenter of the finest flats in the world. You will fish daily around a chain of small cayes from north of Dangriga to south of Placencia. Miles of undisturbed flats surround each of the resort options, increasing your chances of success at hitting the grand slam: permit, tarpon and bonefish.

Fly rod targets such as barracuda, snook, jack crevalle, bonito and mackerel are abundant and readily take well-presented flies in the flats of Southern Belize. Founder of the historic Blue Horizon Lodge, Lincoln Westby, began his career guiding fly fishermen and women in 1971 for the Belize River Lodge. Over the years Lincoln has successfully guided anglers from all around the globe in pursuits of the elusive Permit on the fly.

Lodging Option 1 - Thatch Caye Island Resort

Thatch Caye Resorts sits on its own 9-acre private island off the coast of Belize. Accommodations limit the number of guests to 24 at a time, making it a truly unique experience.

With overwater bungalows, villas, and island cabanas, there's the perfect island home for everyone. The resort offers a SCUBA and fly fishing shop on site, a natural saltwater pool and overwater Starfish Bar. All vacation packages are all-inclusive.  This lodge hosts the majority of the fly fishing trips, as it is located on the water near the flats.

Lodging Option 2 - Copal Tree Lodge

Copal Tree Lodge is set in the verdant hills above the Caribbean coast of southern Belize.

It is an Orvis Endorsed lodge; with the best fly fishing guides in the area that will help you get a shot at the elusive permit that are found here. 


Copal Tree Lodge is the definition of agritourism-chic: a Jungle Lodge, organic farm and a 12,000-acre nature reserve, Copal Tree Lodge offers the best in local food and culture, active adventures, wildlife viewing, saltwater fly fishing, and world-class hospitality. 

If you are interested in a refined fishing vacation to Belize, this is one of the finest; so look no further.

Lodging Option 3 - Hopkins Bay Resort

Hopkins Bay Belize fly fishing packages partner with Blue Horizon Fly Fishing, as an Orvis Endorsed Outfitter.

Be prepared to develop a passion for chasing the Grand Slam: permit, bonefish and tarpon. Packages are perfect for the experienced angler and first fly casters alike. This is a fun for the entire family resort style beach vacation, with a fishing experience provided by Blue Horizon. 

If you are not bringing the family along with you, and hoping to keep focused on catching your next or maybe first permit, this is probably not the right location for you.  Please see the two above lodging options for a more hardcore fishing scene.


With the three different types of lodging available with this outfitter, we ask that you please inquire for rates.  All inquiries should be directed to


Permit, known as the "Holy Grail" of fly fishing, are by far the most difficult, picky and frustrating fish you'll encounter on the flats. They have superb eyesight and a well-developed sense of smell. 

Due to body shape, permit seem to be much more comfortable in deeper water. Although it is fairly common to see a permit with its tail and dorsal fin sticking out of the water, it usually won't remain that way for long. Permit seem to suddenly appear on a flat for a brief feeding spree and then fade back into the safety of the deeper water. They're constantly on the move.

Quick, accurate casting skills (and a lot of luck) are essential. Our experienced guides greatly increase your chance of catching this tricky fish.

Suggested Gear

Rod: 8,9, or 10 wt (Stiff to cast crab patterns in the wind)

Reel: Anodized, corrosion resistant saltwater model. Should be able to hold a full line plus 300 yards of 20 or 30 lb. backing.  A high quality smooth disc drag is essential.

Line: Tropical Floating Line

Leaders: 10 ft. 16lb leaders are standard. Extra spools of 16 and 20 lb. saltwater tippet are nice to have.

Flies:  A large selection of crab and shrimp patterns in a variety of sizes, colors, and weights. Tan, olive and various shades of brown seem to be the most effective colors for most Belizean waters. Be sure to have a variety of different sink rates.


For Bonefish the same rods used for Permit will be perfectly suitable, but most throw an 8wt. 

Leaders for Bonefish we prefer to be 10ft 10-16lb tapered leaders, with matching tippet.

Flies: Have a good selection of Bonefish flies in a wide variety of sizes, colors and sink rates.  The standard sizes for Bonefish flies in Belize are #4, #6, and #8 with a general rule being the shallower water, the smaller and lighter the fly.


For tarpon we recommend 10-12 rods, with matching reels rigged with 300 yards of backing.

Standard pre-tied tarpon leaders with 16-20lb class and 60-100lb shock tippet are most commonly used.

Flies: A basic selection of Tarpon flies in variety of colors and materials. Sizes 2/0 and 3/0 will cover most Tarpon situations in Belize.

While excellent opportunities are in this area for bonefish, tarpon, and snook.  We have chosen to partner with Blue Horizon for their ability to pursue Permit.  Blue Horizon estimates that 90% of their fishing is targeted at Permit.

A fishing license is necessary if you are between the ages of 16-65. You can purchase online prior to your scheduled fishing dates. Day prices are $20.00 BZD, a week is $50.00 BZD. The link for this is here


Houston offers direct flights to Belize City.  From Belize City a short commuter flight south will cost you around $200.  Blue Horizon is happy to help you book these flights, depending which of the three locations you choose to book for your lodging.  All transfers from the final airport to the any of the three lodges are provided by the lodge.

End Note

We are proud to be able to offer this world class fishing operation to our clients.  Between the three different lodging opportunities, we should be able to place you in the correct place for whatever type of experience you are hoping to have.  Nicknamed Permit Alley, this area is considered by some to be one of the top permit fisheries in the world.


There are never any up charges when booking thru Sportsman's Finest.

Please email for further inquiry.


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