Pistol 1 & Pistol 2

Pistol I is a basic pistol class designed for those with and without experience.

Timeless foundational skills are exactly that. Pistol 1 is made fun by focusing on skills that anyone at any skill level can enjoy working on. Whether you are a first time or experienced shooter, our "group therapy" mindset makes this accessible to folks from all walks of life.

Unless you attend, it's hard to underscore how fun this class is for folks at all experience levels. Games and foundational skills are reviewed and worked with all day long. 

The principles of Pistol 1 set the foundation for all future firearms courses at Sportsman's Finest. 

No previous training or experience is required & we can supply all the equipment you would require, including a gun rental. This can be a great way to try that pistol you've been eyeing, before you buy it!

At the end of Pistol 1 you will receive a certificate that prepares you for Pistol 2 and our subsequent classes. Pistol 2 is offered every Sunday after Pistol 1. 


Most folks end up taking Pistol 1 and wanting to roll it into Pistol 2. We will always reccomend this because a depth of learning is achieved when the classes are held back to back.

Pistol 1 is $375, and Pistol 2 is $100.

Call us to book today at 512-263-1888

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