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Swarovski NL Pure Objective Cover PRO
Description Swarovski created the Objective Cover Pro for their NL Pure binoculars. This cover allows for protection of dust, dirt, debris, water, and most importantly, scratches. Features Sold as a single cap (if you need two covers, order...
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Swarovski Optik 85 mm Objective Module
Description When it comes to optics, Swarovski delivers the renowned image quality and top-notch craftsmanship that researchers, tactical experts, and nature lovers have come to expect from the brand. The 85mm objective is a good choice for hunters,...
Swarovski Optik BTX Eyepiece Module
Description Fully compatible with all versions of their ATX and STX spotting scope systems, Swarovski Optik's BTX 30x/35x Eyepiece Module represents the pinnacle of comfort for long-duration glassing sessions. The innovative design replaces...
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Swarovski Optik NL Pure Forehead Rest
Description Swarovski’s forehead rest made for the NL Pure binoculars, is a perfect fit that will increase the functionality of your equipment, and improve your experience with the NL Pure binoculars. Features Push-Fit Installation—No Tools...
Swarovski Optik 65 mm Objective Module - Eyepiece Required
Description Building on the success of the original modular spotting scope system, the Swarovski Optik ATX/STX/BTX 65mm Objective Lens Module gets an updated tripod shoe that fits Arca-Swiss quick release plates, and will accept any of the three...
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Swarovski Optik ATX 20mm Angled Modular Eyepiece
Description Ingenious perfectly describes the cutting-edge innovations of the Swarovski ATX modular ocular. This angled ocular features an integrated eyepiece and, unlike previous designs, serves as the body of the scope. Match the modular ocular with...
Really Right Stuff Chinch-LR Elite Bino Adapter
The Really Right Stuff Cinch-LR Elite Binocular Adapter provides quick-release functionality to your binocular/monocular of choice. This is designed for housing diameter ranges between 1.77"-2.56". The adapter is precision CNC machined from a solid...
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Swarovski Optik 95mm Objective Module
In those crucial hunting moments, the modular ATX / STX / BTX spotting scope system provides maximum functionality. The objective lens can be changed to complement individual preferences and forms of hunting. The device is operable with only one hand...
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