HORN 45100 BULL .451 185 HPXTP 100/15

SKU 86739-c3NvdXRo
UPC 090255245103

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Hornady 45100 XTP .45 Cal .451 185 gr Hollow Point (HP) 100 Per Box
The controlled expansion of the XTP Hollow Point is 1.5x its original diameter over a wide range of velocities. It features a heavier jacket, which stands up to the high pressures and velocities of the highest performance handgun.
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Bullet Type:
Hollow Point (HP)
Bullet Diameter:
185 gr
Bullet Caliber:
45 Caliber
Jacket Material:
Bullet Tip Material:
Hollow Point
Core Material:
Sectional Density:
100 Per Box

Additional Information

SKU 86739-c3NvdXRo
UPC 090255245103
Weight 2.75 LBS
Height 2.20 (in)
Width 2.70 (in)
Depth 4.20 (in)
Coefficient .139
Bullet Type Hollow Point (HP)
Bullet Diameter .451
Weight 185 gr
Bullet Caliber 45 Caliber
Jacket Material Copper
Bullet Tip Material Hollow Point
Core Material Lead
Sectional Density .130
Quantity 100 Per Box