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About Us

Why are we here?


The outdoor industry needs educated, kind, and non-judgemental leadership. Going forward you’ll find that Sportsman’s Finest is focused on inspirational stories, trips, adventures, and training alongside your favorite fly fishing, archery, firearms, and outdoor gear. We have a master gun smith, laser engraving, casting instructors, wood workers, and booking agents standing by to guide you towards your next great memory. We work hard to maintain competitive prices on all products you’d expect in such a shop but we really separate ourselves through our selection of the highest end products in the marketplace and our customer service.

This is a transitionary period for us. Nicholas and Hannah closed on the store August 15th. And our lofty goals won’t come without hiccup. As we transition into this higher version of ourself, we ask for your patience and constructive criticism. We are here because of you and we are doing this for you. So work with us to make this yours as much as ours through genuine and helpful feedback.