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Whether you are a seasoned shooter or totally new to the sport you will benefit from training. Sportsman's Finest has partnered with ATX Precision to provide our customers with the finest precision rifle training available. Precision Rifle One is ATX Precision's bestselling, and most sought after training course.

In this introductory course you will unlock the potential of your equipment and learn the fundamental skills of long-range shooting.  ATX Precision uses marksmanship principals and science to make you a more effective and competent shooter. Students will begin the day zeroing and fitting their rifles and progress to engaging targets at extended ranges. Hunters, competition shooters and hobbyists alike will benefit from this course.  All skill levels are welcome. An individualized approach is used for each person to ensure a solid progression and a fun, stress-free experience.

Your equipment and optics are adjusted to you, so you can get the most out of them from the start.

The round count is adjusted to get you the full training and conserve your ammo during the current shortfalls.

If you need ammo, you can make a purchase in our store or on our website. 

ATX Precision is a world class training cadre and Sportsman’s Finest is proud to have them as part of our team. Clayton Hergert is the owner and lead instructor for ATX. Clayton qualified as a Navy SEAL in 2002 and went on to complete the storied USMC Scout Sniper School at Quantico as part of his Navy Special Warfare training. Clayton spent 2 decades deployed around the world in the SEAL teams and now he has put those years of training and experience to work teaching others how to be expert shooters. Clayton is a natural teacher with a no-nonsense approach to instruction. Parents looking to start their kids off on the right foot and seasoned active duty snipers alike trust ATX Precision to give them exactly what they need. At Sportsman’s Finest we hang our hat on providing our customers the best experience possible. We choose to Partner with ATX Precision because they exceed our high standards.  

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