Scott Wave 9' 9 Wt. 4 Piece Fly Fishing Rod

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Embark on a mesmerizing journey with the Scott Wave Fly Fishing Rod, a true companion for both saltwater and freshwater adventures. Picture yourself on the untamed shores, the sun painting the horizon with vibrant hues. You cast your line with the Scott Wave, feeling its seamless fusion of power and finesse. Its revolutionary design, combining ReAct technology with precision engineering, eliminates post-cast vibrations without sacrificing sensitivity. As you feel the rhythmic pull of the current, the Scott Wave responds with unparalleled accuracy and control, effortlessly delivering your fly to the waiting trophy beneath the surface. With every catch, you discover the essence of this exceptional rod - a symbiotic harmony between angler and nature. The Scott Wave Fly Fishing Rod isn't just a tool; it's the gateway to unforgettable moments on both salt and fresh waters, where dreams and reality merge in perfect harmony.


  • The revolutionary ReAct technology combines X-Core design with advanced materials and taper system, for an unparalleled fast action rod that eliminates post-cast vibrations without sacrificing sensitivity, enhancing distance, control, and accuracy.
  • Experience the perfect balance of stiffness, feel, stability, and sensitivity with the innovative X-Core technology, featuring fast taper mandrels, low-mass blanks, and proprietary ARC reinforcement for rods that excel in performance and come alive in your hands.
  • Discover the finesse of fine-tuned flex and recovery with Scott's pioneering use of multi-modulus fiber layups, allowing precise control over the stiffness and recovery speed of their blanks, resulting in a smoother loading and unloading experience.
  • Experience unrivaled strength and reduced torque with Scott's advanced Reinforced Carbon technology, incorporating ARC to enhance hoop strength without compromising weight, ensuring superior casting accuracy and line control.
  • Discover the cutting-edge FiberFuse resin system, featuring groundbreaking chemistry that forms bonds between graphite fibers that are more than 20% stronger than traditional epoxy resins.
  • Scott's Natural Finish sets their rods apart, focusing on lighter, more durable, and higher-performing rods by avoiding the belt sander that weakens blanks, skipping heavy paint, and relying on the natural beauty of graphite, resulting in precise, resilient blanks built to withstand years of use.

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SKU W9094
UPC 498798737732
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