T5A Stock, Short Action Right Hand

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Built with the Elite Tac 100% carbon fiber shell and designed as an enhanced ergonomic tactical stock the Manners MCS-T5A is also a fantastic choice for hunters looking for a light weight modern take on the classic thumbhole.

The MCS-T5A includes an adjustable cheek and KMW hardware. Designed as a right hand grip, with a small thumb rest on the left side of the stock. Although a right hand stock, The T5A was designed to accommodate comfortable weak hand shooting.

Much time was spent in the design of the T5A grip, the enhanced geometry moves your hand down and forward so your trigger finger is in a more natural position and you are not having to reach for the trigger. The area behind the trigger is designed to make your hand return to the same spot each time you grip the stock. Regardless of the size of your hand the thoughtful design of the grip is comfortable and effective. The forend is designed with a slight flare to accept the Badger Ordnance EFR night vision mount. The integrated butt hook can be used to ride the bags or to control your rifle with your non-trigger hand. The MCS-T5 was designed around a Rem 700 style action The forend is 2.40” wide at the tip and will take barrels up to 1.350 inches in diameter.


  • Inlet: Defiance Ruckus SA or other Rem 700 clones
  • Shell: Elite Tac 100% carbon fiber construction
  • Chassis: Manners MINI Chassis with detachable AICS magazine
  • Standard with a fixed 1″ Pachmyer Decelerator pad
  • The forend is 2.40” wide at the tip and will take barrels up to 1.350 inches in diameter.

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