“Every trip I take out to the Devils River, I pause and remind myself, this could be my last trip to the Devils River.”

As one of the most desolate and isolated rivers in Texas, the Devils River is an opportunity that few get to experience. It’s difficult to get to, information is limited, and the desert terrain is purely Texan.

The Big 30

After an extensive dive into how to spend a special 30th birthday with his long-time friend, Wes, ideas like a trout trip in the Colorado Rockies, a backpacking trip in Big Bend, and a coastal redfish trip were all at play for our head guide, Seth Fry.

“When the Devils River became a real opportunity, all other options went out the door.”

Seth, a native Texan, has fished and rafted the rivers and lakes of this great state his entire life. After years of guiding others down the Devils, this is the first time he is able to take a personal fishing trip.

3 Days.

3 days of kayaking the gin-clear waters, sight-casting at bass in the reeds.

3 days of overcast weather and river lunches.

3 days of nothing but miles of river to cover.

These 3 days mean a little more to the two, who share birthdays just one day apart.

“The sheer remoteness of this river brings out the truth in people. You get to minimize distractions and maximize conversations that only happen in places as unique as this."

After hooking into 3lb Largemouth bass, aggressive Smallies, and panfish with loud gurglers and menacing streamer patterns, the trip was coming to a satisfying close.

At least, that’s what Seth thought.

After about his sixth “last cast bass” callout, he decided to make some noise in a small pocket of grass along the bank. There, lay a large boulder, a perfect hiding spot for any predator fish. As he slowly stripped his “Lunch Money” streamer, chaos erupted.

“A fly attack that you could feel through the river.”

Once his head broke the surface, he knew this was no 3lb Largemouth.

A 10 minute fight ensued, filled with drag-pulls and rod-bends. A fish that required the assistance of Wes and his net.

As Seth pulls in his all-time personal best bass, he can’t help but thank the Devils River for yet another unforgettable memory.

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