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Accuracy International

Born out of a deep-seated passion for precision and performance, Accuracy International carved its name into the annals of shooting history. This British manufacturer, co-founded by a gold-medal winning Olympic shooter, is renowned for designing the most advanced, high-precision sniper rifles. Since the 1980s, AI's meticulous craftsmanship has set new benchmarks, winning over avid shooting enthusiasts worldwide. For these devotees, Accuracy International isn't just a brand—it’s an affirmation of their relentless pursuit of precision, a testament to their uncompromising standards. With each pull of an AI trigger, they don't just feel the surge of power—they become part of a tradition of excellence, aligning their passion for shooting with a brand that embodies the same.

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Harnessing the harmony of superior engineering, the Accuracy International ATAX Barrel becomes the sharpshooter's trusted companion, whispering tales of unerring precision and undying durability through each exhilarating shot.

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