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Sage Maverick Saltwater Fly Rod
Description The Sage Maverick was specifically designed to be a fast action saltwater rod that can quickly cast flies to cruising fish. Featuring a powerful tip part that transfers the casting stress to stronger lower sections, facilitating quick,...
Scott - Sector Fly Rod 9'
  Description Newly created components that redefine reliability, resist the rigors of saltwater conditions, and improve angler experience are paramount to Sector Series rods. By encasing the unidirectional fibers in a web of extremely light...
BC Big Fly Rod- 9’ 8WT 4PC
Description The BC Big Fly has a longer, IGFA-compliant fighting butt and a redesigned composite cork full-wells grip for throwing big flies and heavy lines. Additionally, this extended grip makes it easier for anglers to move a fly in a circular or...
Redington Predator Fly Rod
The PREDATOR is the ultimate fly rod for big flies, heavy lines, and aggressive-fighting fish. It features a powerful, intuitive fast action that commands enough power to combat big game fish and pick up and cast today's heavy lines and massive flies...
Sage Salt HD Fly Rod
Description Each of the rods in the SALT HD series is built uniquely for a specific purpose. The SALT HD equips you with situational tools and KonneticHD Technology to improve your chances of success out in the salt.  Features KonneticHD...
Sage Igniter Fly Rod
Description The IGNITER is designed to function in the most difficult situations while fishing in the salt. The IGNITER is not a rod for the casual angler due to a high line speed taper that can carry a lot of line far away while possessing wind-cutting...
TFO - Axiom II Series Fly Rod
  Description The Axiom II fly rod enables the optimization of the three-dimensional approach to throwing a fly, hooking a fish, and landing it. It was designed to fit the fisherman, not the other way around. The Axiom II rod's engineering and...
TFO: NXT Black Series Rod/Reel Combo Kit 9'
$219.95 - $229.95
Description The NXT Black Label line of fly fishing gear is made to be user-friendly and reasonably priced. The NXT Black Label is built on a moderate action blank that loads readily for longer throws into the wind but provides plenty of forgiveness for...
TFO - Axiom 2 X Series Fly Rod
Description The Axiom II-X was created for fly anglers that are intermediate to advanced and want to maximize their casting accuracy at a distance. Featuring the highest modulus material and Axiom technology to redefine performance in an incredibly...
Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rod
Description The Orvis Helios 3D fly rods were created with the goal of greatly reducing the variables at the point of release and concentrating the cast's energy on the intended target. The “D” in 3D stands for distance, meaning this rod is...
Sage R8 Core 9’ Fly Fishing Rod All Water
Description The new Sage R8 Core Fly Rod is produced utilizing the cutting-edge R8 material technology with an emphasis on maximum versatility. A true multi-application and fast action rod that will provide results for any angler, no matter the skill...
Want to start saltwater fishing but don't know where to start? The Tropical Saltwater Field Kit from Redington is perfect for you! Fishing the flats in a tropical location might feel like you’re in paradise, but you better come prepared. This kit...
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TFO - Mangrove Coast Saltwater Fly Rod 9'
  Description The Mangrove Coast series, designed with beginner to intermediate saltwater fishermen in mind, uses a medium fast action blank to let anglers to move up to the bow and swiftly load and unload an accurate presentation to a tailing fish...
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$249.95 - $349.95
Fast Action / Saltwater / Freshwater A finely tuned instrument - lightweight and highly responsive. That’s what experts are saying about our BVK series of fly rods. Engineered to the highest performance standards, the BVK utilizes new materials...
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G. Loomis - NRX+
<p>Just when you thought fly rods couldn't get any lighter or more dynamic, along comes a rod that surpasses anything ever made. Thanks to a proprietary, high-tech, nano-silica resin system and the genius of rod designer, Steve Rajeff, these NRX...
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Sage - X (9)
The Sage X introduces a fast action taper built with Sage's unique KonneticHD Technology, delivering greater blank recovery and a crisper tip stop - This works to create tighter, more efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting styles. This taper...
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Scott - Tidal
Choosing a fly rod to fish the world’s saltwater species clearly isn’t the easy way. It’s the Hard Way. But, for those of us who pursue this challenge, the rewards come from our methods as much as our results. We designed the Tidal...
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TFO - Axiom II Switch
This EFTTEX Best New Fly Rod, is engineered for two-hand anglers requiring optimal performance across a range of fishing techniques from a single rod. Because line weight distribution is different between “swinging flies,” “indicator...
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Thomas & Thomas - Exocett
$925.00 - $955.00
Developed to meet the challenges of the most demanding species and destinations, T&T’s Exocett Series of high-performance saltwater fly rods are infused with the exceptional strength and dampening characteristics of our proprietary StratoTherm...
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