TFO Mangrove Coast Fly Rod

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The TFO Mangrove Coast Fly Rod is a saltwater-specific fishing tool that boasts exceptional performance and durability. Its medium-fast action blank is carefully engineered to handle the unique challenges of coastal environments, providing the strength to battle larger fish while retaining the sensitivity needed for precise presentations and delicate presentations. Whether you're casting in windy conditions or dealing with powerful saltwater species, this rod's powerful backbone and forgiving tip work together to ensure accurate and effortless casts, making it suitable for anglers of all skill levels.

Crafted with saltwater in mind, the Mangrove Coast features saltwater-safe components, including aluminum reel seats and corrosion-resistant guides, which guarantee long-lasting performance in harsh coastal conditions. The cork handle not only adds a touch of classic elegance but also offers a secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended fishing sessions. The sleek and modern design of this fly rod not only enhances its aesthetics but also reflects the cutting-edge technology that goes into its construction.

Whether you're wading in shallow flats or fishing from a boat, the TFO Mangrove Coast Fly Rod is a reliable companion for any saltwater angler. Its ability to handle a wide range of saltwater species and fishing scenarios makes it a versatile and valuable tool to have in your arsenal as you explore the bountiful opportunities that coastal fishing has to offer.


  • Action: Moderate-Fast 
  • Weight: 3.8-4.7oz
  • Length: 9'0"
  • Water: Saltwater / Freshwater

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UPC 900000001086
Weight 1.00 LBS