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Tenpoint Nitro 505 Garmin XERO *In-Store Purchase Only*
Description Tenpoints Nitro 505 is their most accurate crossbow with the Garmin Xero sight. The Garmin sight will automatically range your target and place your crosshairs where they need to be. Easy enough to set up, you'll be ready to go in no time. It...
Tenpoint Titan De-Cock *In-Store Purchase Only*
Description Tenpoints Titan De-cock was the first with the revolutionary de-cock technology. No longer do you have to worry about hauling a target around in order to de-cock your crossbow. You can now do so safely with no need to fire it, simply use the...
Tenpoint Vengent S440 *In-Store Purchase Only*
Description Tenpoints fastest and narrowest forward drawing crossbow. Being lightweight and narrow it is great for shooting or hunting in tight spaces. With silent cocking and safe de-cocking it is one of the most desireable crossbows on the market. No...
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