I was born and raised in Austin and quickly developed a passion for the outdoors and everying the great state of Texas has to offer. Fly fishing has been the center of my focus since graduating college in 2014. From bass fishing on the local lake and rivers to traversing the salt marshes for redfish. I have fully immersed myself in finding the greatest fishing opportunities available.

- Dylan Mendoza

I'm from Omak, Washington, and love the outdoors and all it has to offer. After moving to Texas in 2002, I learned to fly fish and now love to teach others. I specialize in bass, trout, carp, buffalo, and striper fishing. Fly fishing connects me to nature, and teaching casting fundamentals is my passion.

-Lindy Wilks

I parted ways with a 10+ year career in hospitality as a sommelier to pursue my passion for fly fishing and teaching. I specialize in hunting for all types of bass, cichlid, sunfish and gar. There are many ways to escape city life and enjoy what the Texas Hill Country has to offer. I encourage all skill levels to enjoy time on our Texas waters. I offer instructional lessons to help anglers prepare for their next adventure as well. 

-Andrew Milliorn

Starting fly fishing at a young age, I learned that less is more when it comes to honing your fly fishing skills. Today, I teach others how to start or improve their fly fishing skills, I use this less is more method to build a strong foundation for individuals to have their own unique skill set in this amazing sport! 

- Merrick Andersson

Growing up in Missouri, my early fishing adventures took me to SWFL and the Florida Keys. After years of honing my skills, working in Idaho, and practicing law in Houston, personal reflections led my wife Becca and me to embrace life by the beaches of Southwest Florida. In 2023, after tarpon season, we relocated to Austin, Texas, where I now serve as the Fly Fishing Manager at Sportsman’s Finest, though I still offer trips in Florida during tarpon season.


Caleb is a USA archery certified instructor who has a passion for archery and bow hunting, showing appreciation for the outdoors and wildlife. He helps students develop their archery skills and accuracy, making him a valuable resource for anyone interested in this exciting sport.

-Caleb Reece


A 7th generation Texas who can trace his roots back to the war of Texas Independence. Coby honed his big game hunting skills in the mountains of the Western United Staes and holds dear the principals of ethical, fair case hunting. For Coby, the experience of hunting big game is as improtant as the kill. The struggle of the hunt is as rewarding as posing with the trophy. 

-Coby Porter

As a native of the Texas Panhandle, Clayton began hunting and shooting at a young age, developing a lifelong passion for outdoor sports. After college, Clayton qualified as a Navy SEAL in 2002. After military service, Clayton continued to refine his craft through involvement with the Precision Rifle Series competition circuit, custom gun builders, and numerous industry leaders and programs.

-Clayton Hergert

After successfully qualifying as a Navy SEAL, Nick later completed the Range Operations Safety course and qualified as a Range Safety Officer. He combines a mastery of instruction with an easy-going outlook that helps all students feel comfortable on the range. When he's not on the range you can find him trying out Austin's local hot spots looking for the best Manhattan in town. 

- Nick Klein

Renee , along with her husband Dean, founded Austin Hot Shots in 2009. Renee's love of firearms and competition, along with her desire to assist other women in becoming proficient in firearm handling, inspired her to become an NRA-certified instructor for both pistol and shotgun training. Renee is also an accomplished competitive sporting clays shooter and a member of several shooting organizations.
 -Renee Blaine

Carson grew up on a cattle ranch in Texas and developed a love for hunting and the outdoors. He served in military intelligence and Special Forces for a total of 13 years. He also competed in pistol competitions while in college and enjoys sharing his knowledge of firearms and shooting with people of all ages and skill levels. He can customize shooting experiences to meet the needs of the student.

-Carson Carter