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Equinox Turkey Vest
Descriptions Sitka took a pack-like approach and developed a comfortable and efficient vest based on the movement and organizational needs of run-and-gun turkey hunting. It has ample yet minimalist storage — including magnetic-closing pockets — to keep...
Chippewa Sunjo 15" Women's Pull On
Description Elevate your outdoor adventures with the Chippewa Sunjo 15" Women's Pull On boot. Crafted from premium Full Grain Leather and Vipercloth, these boots are not only rugged but also exude timeless style, ensuring you can confidently explore...
Bob Allen Half Mesh Shooting Apron
Description The Bob Allen Half Mesh Shooting Apron is the ideal companion for hunters who demand convenience and organization while in pursuit. With its smartly designed pockets, including divided front shell pockets and a rear hull pouch, this apron...
Sitka Gunner WS Gloves - Tan
Description The Sitka Gunner Gloves are the ultimate choice for cold-weather adventurers who demand both warmth and precision. Crafted to shield against biting winds while providing the dexterity needed for shooting, these gloves ensure your hands...
Sitka Equinox Guard Glove - Optifade Subalpine
$50.00 - $59.00
Description The Sitka Equinox Guard Glove is the perfect choice for those who need a glove that provides both protection and comfort. These gloves are made from a durable stretch-woven polyester fabric that is both flexible and comfortable, allowing...
Sitka Traverse Gloves - Optifade Subalpine
Description The Sitka Traverse Glove is an essential piece of gear for any outdoor enthusiast. Made from a stretch-woven polyester fabric, these gloves provide a comfortable and flexible fit, allowing for full dexterity and mobility during...
Sitka Lo Pro Trucker Hat - Sandstone
Description Introducing the Sitka Lo Pro Trucker Hat, a symbol of outdoor freedom and style that breathes life into your outdoor pursuits. With its low-profile design and breathable mesh, this hat blends seamlessly with nature, ensuring you stay cool,...
Sitka VP Mid Pro Trucker Hat - Bark
Description Step into the realm of everyday adventure with the Sitka VP Mid Pro Trucker Hat, a testament to both style and functionality. Crafted for the modern explorer, its versatile design and superior comfort make it the perfect companion for your...
Sitka Icon Mid Pro Trucker Hat
$30.00 - $35.00
Description Unleash your inner adventurer with the Sitka Icon Mid Pro Trucker Hat, a wearable tale of rugged style and everyday comfort. Its iconic design, coupled with advanced performance features, invites you to embark on new journeys while staying...
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