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Rage Hypodermic Broadheads 100 gr. 3 pk. (k)
Solid steel construction mechanical broadhead with hybrid tip for an extremely tough design and increased penetration. Uses shock collar blade retention system for reliable blade deployment. Includes practice head. Blade Thickness: .035". Cutting...
NAP Thunderhead Broadheads 100 gr. 5 pk. (k)
Fixed blade broadhead featuring a micro grooved ferrule for increased flight accuracy and penetration. Built with a trophy tip and replaceable Diamize blades for quick, clean kills. Cutting Diameter: 1 3/16". Slimline low drag anodized ferruleHigh carbon...
Rocket Meat Seeker Broadheads 100 gr. 3 pk. (k)
This devastatingly sharp broadhead produces a 2" cutting diameter and 3.09" cutting surface area. The Meat Seeker deploys on contact with Piston Action and features newly designed, extremely sharp blades. Deploys on contactPiston Action
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