Rio Toothy Critter 30 lb Snap

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A leader equipped with a toothy fish in mind. Quickly be able to switch from a normal leader and back, ready for when that barracuda swims across you in the flats.

An ultra-stiff nylon leader attached to a tough, bite resistant wire shock tippet that is ideal for bluefish, barracuda and similar toothy species - total length of 7.5 ft. 

This leader is available with 15 lb, 20 lb, 30 lb and 45 lb wire strength bite tippet.

There are two wire choices:

1) A nylon coated single strand steel wire with snap link

2) a supple nylon coated braided wire that you can knot

The 15 lb and 20 lb wire leaders are attached to a 20 lb class tapered leader, while the 30 lb and 45 lb wire bite tippet options are attached to a 30 lb class tapered leader.

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SKU 6-24178
UPC 730884241786
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