Staccato John Wick 9x19 Pistol Box Set

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Immerse yourself in the elite world of precision and style with the Staccato John Wick 9x19 Pistol Package. This exceptional firearm, crafted in a limited edition of just 250 units, exudes exclusivity and unparalleled performance. Join the select few who can claim ownership of this iconic piece, designed to match the legendary hitman's standards of excellence and precision. With the Staccato John Wick 9x19 Pistol Package, you're not just holding a pistol; you're holding a piece of history and cinematic legend.


  • Limited-Edition Collector's Set: The JW3 Combat Master Box Set, a collaboration between Staccato and Taran Tactical Innovations, offers an exclusive collector's item for gun enthusiasts and fans of action movies.

  • Dual Iconic Handguns: This limited-edition set includes two iconic handguns from a blockbuster film series, featuring the Island Barrel Combat Master and the Bull Barrel Combat Master, each with its unique significance in the movie's production.

  • Exceptionally Rare Island Barrel Version: The Island Barrel Combat Master is one of the rarest ever made, with fewer than 10 in existence, primarily used in movie training. This box set provides a unique opportunity to own matched serial number pistols, including the coveted JW3 2011® Island Barrel Combat Master.

  • Comprehensive Movie Memorabilia: In homage to the franchise, the set includes a custom-crafted box to house both guns, six magazines, two replica brass-plated gold coins, and a replica blood oath marker, mirroring key items from the movie series.


  • 5.4 Inch Match Grade Island Bull Barrel 
  • 5.4 Inch Match Grade Bull Barrel
  • Bronze Titanium Aluminum Nitride coated Barrel
  • Black DLC coated Slide and Frame
  • Combat Master Slide Cuts
  • Staccato Extractor 
  • Extreme Engineering LiteSpeed Fire Control Group (Hammer & Sear)
  • Dawson Precision Fiber Optic Front Sight & Kensight Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Staccato Slide Stop
  • Staccato Magazine Catch with Dawson Precision Low Pro Button
  • 1.75-2.5 LBS trigger pull
  • Dawson Precision Tool less Guide Rod
  • Staccato Tac Texture Grip
  • Staccato Thumb Safeties
  • Includes two 126mm (17rd), four 140mm (20rd) magazines

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SKU 8000000100010
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