Bergara Premier Canyon 6.5 PRC 20" 3RD Rifle

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Step into the realm of precision hunting with the Bergara Premier Canyon 6.5 PRC rifle. Crafted for the dedicated hunter, this masterpiece combines unmatched accuracy with rugged reliability. With its 20-inch barrel and versatile 6.5 PRC caliber, it's a trusted companion for those seeking the perfect shot amidst the wilderness. Let every hunt be a testament to your skill and passion, as you conquer the untamed with the Bergara Premier Canyon by your side, creating stories of thrilling hunts and trophy triumphs in the heart of the wild.


  • AG Composites 100% Carbon Fiber Stock: Experience the perfect blend of lightweight agility and proven mountain performance with the Mountain 2.0's AG Composites 100% Carbon Fiber Stock. Now featuring a detachable magazine and universal M5 cutout, it's finished in Swamper Rogue Camo, with a floorplate available exclusively in .375 H&H.
  • Bergara Premier Action: The Bergara Premier Action boasts a two-lug system, complete with a separate floating bolt head that ensures precise contact with the lug abutments in the action. Its cone-shaped bolt nose guarantees seamless cartridge feeding, while the spring-loaded sliding plate extractor located at the front of the lower locking lug enhances reliability. Crafted from stainless steel, the one-piece bolt body features a threaded-in bolt handle pad, while the bolt head, non-rotating gas shield, and bolt shroud are fully Nitrided for unrivaled durability and self-lubricating properties.
  • Bergara Barrel: Catering to the demands of modern shooters, the Mountain 2.0's Bergara Barrel now comes with threaded muzzles for suppressor use. The barrel's premium stainless steel construction features a #4 taper and innovative fluting to maintain a lightweight profile. Whether you're facing wet and humid conditions in the backcountry or seeking precision, it's finished in Sniper Grey Cerakote, guaranteeing unmatched performance.


  • Barrel: No. 4 Taper Fluted
  • Finish: Sniper Grey Cerakote®
  • Stock: AG Composite 100% carbon-fiber
  • Caliber: 6.5 PRC
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs
  • Overall Length: 42 in
  • Barrel Length: 20 in
  • Twist Rate: 1:8
  • Magazine: AICS detachable
  • Capacity: 3 round mag provided
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UPC 043125065448
Weight 6.20 LBS
Has serial number yes
FFL yes