Code Blue Smoke Detector Wind Direction Indicator 1 oz.

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UPC 707114012201

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You have to know the wind direction to avoid spooking game and Code Blue Smoke Detector provides perfect readings every time with the accuracy of a smoke cloud. Super light air currents are hard to detect and can end a hunt quickly, but Smoke Detector's odorless cloud is ultra-sensitive and shows air movement hunter can't feel.
  • Superlight
  • Odorless
  • Ultra-sensitive
Color 1:
1 oz.

Additional Information

SKU 37738-a2luc2V5cw
UPC 707114012201
Weight 0.05 LBS
Height 1.38 (in)
Width 2.88 (in)
Depth 7.00 (in)
Color 1 White
Size 1 oz.