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WoodHaven The Real Crow Call  (k)
The Real Crow, with its hand turned birch barrel, tuned with proper reed and mouth pieces, it produces the most realistic crow sound of any call of its type. Hand turned birch barrelTuned with proper reed and mouth pieceProduces the most realistic crow...
Primos Piggy Back True Double Mouth Call  (k)
The True Double is part of our Piggy Back series meaning it has a stacked double frame with one thin prophylactic reed in each frame, separated by 1/16”, which doesn’t allow the reeds to stick together. A very easy call to use, it produces turkey talk...
Foxpro TOPGUN Top Gun Howler Diaphragm Call Triple Reed Sounds Attracts Coyotes Red The Top Gun howler from FOXPRO is a split-cut,...
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