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Primos Select Turkey Mouth Call Pak
Description Embrace the art of turkey calling with the Primos Select Turkey Mouth Call Pak, a comprehensive set designed to elevate your hunting experience. Crafted with precision and versatility in mind, these mouth calls offer hunters of all levels the...
Primos Early Bird Turkey Box Call
Description Experience the dawn of turkey hunting season with the Primos Early Bird Turkey Box Call, a masterfully crafted tool designed to bring the woods alive with the sound of gobblers. Handcrafted for authenticity and precision, this call offers...
Primos Foggy Bottom Box Call
Description Elevate your turkey hunting experience with the Primos Foggy Bottom Box Call, meticulously crafted for unparalleled performance in the field. Featuring dual-sided design with distinct tones and hand-tuned precision, this call ensures you're...
Primos Turkey Caller Starter Pack
Description Embark on your turkey hunting journey with confidence using the Primos Turkey Caller Starter Pack. Designed for both beginners and seasoned hunters alike, this comprehensive set equips you with everything you need to master the art of turkey...
Primos Power Crow Call
Description The Power Crow™ is Primos Hunting #1 turkey locator. A perfect way to entice a spring gobbler into giving away its location is to sound like a crow using the Power Crow™. Then you can move closer and attempt to lure the gobbler...
Primos Power Crystal Turkey Call
Description Primos Hunting makes calls for every category of game species hunted in North America. Because of its unsurpassed reproduction of a hen’s full range of volume, pitch and tone, the Power Crystal Turkey Call is a #1 seller year after year...
Primos Foggy Bottom Snuff Tube Turkey Call
Description Experience the ultimate versatility in turkey calling with the Primos Foggy Bottom Snuff Tube Turkey Call. Crafted with precision, this call effortlessly produces a range of lifelike sounds including clucks, cuts, yelps, and gobbles, ensuring...
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