Defiance anTi X .480 Left Hand SA Action

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Step onto the competitive stage with unwavering confidence, armed with the Defiance anTi X Left Hand SA .480 Action—a testament to precision and performance. Born from the legacy of machining excellence, this action is a testament to Defiance's unwavering commitment to quality. Crafted for those who dare to seek greatness, it combines the agility of a left-hand configuration with the power of a .480 bolt face. Imagine the thrill of competition, where every shot is a masterpiece, and every movement is a symphony of precision. With the anTi X in hand, you're not just a competitor; you're a force to be reckoned with, setting new standards of excellence on the field. Elevate your game with Defiance—anTi X, where perfection meets competition.


  • Exemplary machining precision from Defiance Machine's craftsmanship
  • anTi X tailored for the avid outdoors enthusiast, combining an integrated rail/lug with a compact form factor usually associated with pricier Titanium actions
  • Remarkably lightweight, under 26oz for the Medium Action variant
  • Maintains the same foolproof headspace assurance found in Defiance Machine's revered Ruckus and Tenacity action series


  • Left Hand Bolt
  • Precision-crafted Bolt Action with Remington 700 Footprint for Effortless Stock Selection and Custom Fit
  • Guaranteed Headspace Measurement within +/- 0.001"
  • Class 3 Receiver Threads, Precision Clocked for Barrel Engraving
  • Receiver Machined from a Single Piece of Pre-hardened 416 Stainless Steel
  • Bolt Machined from Pre-hardened 4340 Chrome Moly, Threaded for Interchangeable Knobs
  • Defiance Primary Extraction Design for Smooth Bolt Cycling and Improved Initial Extraction
  • Integral Mil Spec 1913 Accessory Rail with 20 MOA Elevation
  • Medium Action Weight: 22 ounces
  • Full-length Lug Ways Wire EDM-cut for Minimal Receiver Stress
  • Small Diameter Firing Pin (.062") on 700 SA Footprint
  • Unparalleled Close Tolerances
  • Deep Bolt Fluting for Aesthetic and Weight Reduction
  • Hollow Bolt Knob
  • Fluted Firing Pin
  • Standard Rear Tang
  • Recessed Bolt Nose (Recommended for Repeater Applications)
  • Aluminum Remington Style Shroud
  • Defiance Wyatt Cut for Compatibility with Hinged Floorplate or Center Feed Magazines (XM Length Actions designed for BDL/Hinged Floorplate)

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UPC 498798685750
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