Desert Tech MCRx Forward-Eject into Side-Eject Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade your Desert Tech MDRX Chassis with the MCRx Forward-Eject into Side-Eject Upgrade Kit and enjoy newfound versatility. This kit makes it a breeze to convert your firearm from a Forward-Eject to a Side-Eject configuration, offering you more options and customization for your shooting experience.


  • Easy Configuration Change: This kit allows you to effortlessly convert your MDRX Chassis from a Forward-Eject to a Side-Eject configuration, giving you flexibility in your firearm setup.
  • All-Inclusive Kit: The kit includes essential components like the Side Ejector Panel Cover with a foam seal, Firing Pin Retainer with O-Ring, and Panel Screw, ensuring you have everything you need for the conversion.
  • Compatibility: It's compatible with all MDRX and MDR rifles, providing versatility and options for various firearm models.
  • Instructions Included: The kit comes with clear instructions to guide you through the conversion process, making it user-friendly.
  • Side-Eject Caliber Conversion: Note that this kit only provides the parts for converting your chassis to accept the Side-Eject caliber conversion kit, which must be purchased separately for a complete transformation.
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UPC 498798673382
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