Desert Tech MDRX 7.62/308 Black FE AR 20" 20RD Rifle

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When duty calls for unyielding reliability, the Desert Tech MDRX 7.62/.308 Black FE AR 20" 20RD Rifle stands at the ready. Forged from the fires of rigorous military expectations, this rifle brings unparalleled precision to the hands of those who defend. Its 20-inch barrel, chambered in the venerable 7.62/.308, offers the stopping power needed when stakes are at their highest. Every feature of this AR, from its balanced ergonomics to the cold-hearted consistency of its fire, is the product of meticulous engineering. Whether navigating the close quarters of urban conflict or holding the line on the open field, the MDRX adapts with swift convertibility and steadfast performance. This is not just a rifle; it's a testament to the legacy of military excellence, reimagined for the modern warrior's call.


  • Engineered for extreme durability, the MDRX thrives in the toughest military environments, boasting a compact and balanced form that's easily concealed and quick to deploy.
  • Versatile and user-friendly, the MDRX allows for rapid conversion to a variety of calibers in just minutes, adapting seamlessly to your mission's demands.


  • Manufactured in the USA, the MDRX features a multi-caliber conversion capability for versatile use.
  • Enhanced with a reworked trigger offering minimal creep and travel for a cleaner pull.
  • The MDRX successfully endures MilSpec drop tests, demonstrating exceptional durability.
  • Equipped with a newly designed gas block that exceeds MilSpec standards for water and mud immersion, ensuring reliable performance in adverse conditions.

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UPC 498798656262
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