Easton Bowhunter 6.5 400 Arrows

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Embark on your next bowhunting adventure with the Easton Bowhunter 6.5 400 Arrow, a testament to precision and reliability in the wild. Crafted for the discerning hunter, its lightweight yet durable design ensures every shot flies true, delivering the accuracy and performance needed to bring home your trophy.


  • High-Performance Carbon Construction: Crafted from premium carbon material, providing exceptional durability, accuracy, and penetration power for successful bowhunting.
  • Optimized Weight and Spine: Designed with a 400 spine rating and a 6.5mm diameter, offering a perfect balance of speed, kinetic energy, and flight stability.
  • Fletched with Precision: Equipped with high-quality vanes or feathers for consistent arrow flight and improved accuracy, ensuring reliable performance in any hunting scenario.
  • Matched Set Consistency: Each arrow in the pack is meticulously matched in weight and spine, guaranteeing uniform performance and tight groupings for enhanced shooting confidence.
  • Ready-to-Hunt Design: Arrives with pre-installed inserts and nocks, ready to be customized with broadheads or field points, saving time and effort for hunters gearing up for the season.


  • Spine: 400
  • Shaft Weight GPI: 8.4
  • Shaft OD: 0.294

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SKU 129022-EA
UPC 498798720383
Weight 1.00 LBS