Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers - Grey

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The one that started it all! I created the original EP™ Fibers back in the late 80's, which was then used to create the Peanut Butter™ fly pattern, along with all of today's EP™ Flies patterns. EP™ Fibers are amazingly translucent and have an action between marabou and bucktail. They are an extremely durable synthetic material that will last many catches. Large flies tied with EP™ Fibers are a dream to cast because on the first back cast water will shake right off - they do not absorb water! They are perfect for imitating any baitfish pattern for fresh or saltwater, wide or thin profile, even the smallest of baitfish imitations. Also used for any crab and shrimp pattern, and the perfect fiber to make tarpon flies as well. With a little imagination (and 48 colors to choose from!) there is no limit to what you can do with EP™ Fibers!

- 10" Length
- Approximately ¼ oz. Per Pack
- Extremely Durable
- Keeps Any Profile
- Does Not Absorb Water
- Very Easy To Cast

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UPC 693728000089
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