Enrico Puglisi EP Sparkle Brush 3" - Root Beer

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There are many uses for the EP® SPARKLE BRUSH in both fresh and saltwater fly patterns. Great for Steelhead flies, especially if you're tying intruders, or a simple streamer pattern with only a single brush - just wrap the brush around the hook shank, trim to shape, add some coloration with permanent marker and you are ready to fish. No matter what fly you’re tying, this brush will add the right amount of sparkle to any pattern.

- 6 Brushes Per Pack
- 10" Length x 3" Width
- Stainless Steel Wire Core
- Extremely Durable
- 0% Water Absorption
- Very Easy To Cast
- Used Mainly For Collars & Full Dress Fly Patterns
- Blend of EP® UV SPARKLE

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2021-12-18 19:57:03

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UPC 693728007422
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