Fix It Sticks Handgun and Optics Compact Pistol Kit

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The Fix It Sticks Handgun and Optics Compact Pistol Kit is your trusted companion, ensuring your firearm's precision and reliability, no matter where your adventures lead. With its meticulously curated selection of tools, including the innovative Mini All-In-One Torque Driver, this kit empowers shooters to maintain their pistol's performance and optics with professional-grade accuracy in the field or at the range.


  • Ultra-compact design ensures your handgun remains in optimal condition.
  • Includes the Fix It Sticks Mini All-In-One Torque Driver for precise tightening of sights and accessories.


  • Ratchet T-Handle with Locking Hex Drive
  • Mini All-In-One Torque Driver
  • 3/32" Pin Punch
  • 1/8" Pin Punch
  • Steel Pick
  • Cleaning Brush Bit
  • Aimpoint Bit
  • Sight Tool For Glock
  • 1911 Bushing Wrench
  • Four brass rods
  • Set of two 8-32 adapters
  • 12 Electroless Nickel Plated Bits: T6, T8, T10, T15, P1, H1.5mm, H2mm, H3mm, H1/16", H5/64", SL3/32" Extended Bit (for adjusting hard-to-reach screws on optics), and SL5mm
  • Carrying Case with molded, low profile bit holders that fit any accessory with a 1/4" base

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UPC 696177785026
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