Hatch Gen 2 Finatic 7+ Black/Black

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Hatch Finatic Generation 2 reels feature a revamped drag seal for improved salt protection and a new porting pattern to lighten the reel.  We are relieved and grateful that Hatch made only minor adjustments in reintroducing these spectacular reels.  Finatic Gen 2 is an industry leading fly reel in both fresh and saltwater for the foreseeable future

Reel Sizes:

3+ 3,4,5wt rods and lines

4+ 4,5,6wt rods and lines

5+ 5,6,7wt rods and lines

7+ 7,8,9wt rods and lines

9+ 9,10,11wt rods and lines

11+ 11,12wt rods and lines

12+ 12,13,14wt rods and lines

9-Window Frame:  Magnificently machined, the new 9-window frame design lightens the Finatic without sacrificing strength.  Additional weight has been shaved by utilizing a concave surface on the inside of the frame.

Lip Seals and Shielded Bearings:  Addressing a call for improved waterproofing, Hatch has beefed up the drag with lip seals and shielded bearings.  These will help maintain drag durability as the reel piles up miles of running fish.

Bead Blasted Finishes:  New standard bead blasted mist finishes smooth edges and reduce reflection, giving Finatic Gen II a finished and stealthy look.  

Corrosion Free Handles:  A new Ultraflon sleeve separates the handle from the shaft, reducing galvanic corrosion and ensuring smooth long term performance.

Compatible Spools:  Finatic Gen 2 frames are compatible with original Finatic spools

Reel Size:

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UPC 704715329165
Weight 1.00 LBS
Reel Size 7+