Hesco L211 Special Threat Plate Set

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Step into any situation with confidence, knowing you're shielded by the Hesco Ballistic Insert L211 SC Large. Designed to fit seamlessly into your tactical gear, this lightweight yet robust plate offers superior protection against high-velocity rifle threats, ensuring your safety in the most unpredictable environments.

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  • Protection Level: The L211 model is rated as a Special Threat plate, designed to stop high-velocity rifle rounds, providing a high level of ballistic protection in dangerous environments.
  • Single Curve Design: This insert features a single curve design, which is engineered to conform to the body's natural shape, enhancing comfort and wearability for extended periods.
  • Size and Coverage: The large size of this plate offers substantial coverage to vital areas, maximizing protection against ballistic threats.
  • Material Construction: Made with durable composite materials, the L211 insert combines lightweight construction with robust protection, ensuring mobility without compromising safety.
  • Compatibility: The large size and standard dimensions allow it to fit into most plate carriers designed for large inserts, making it versatile and easy to integrate into existing tactical gear setups.


Part Number

Width x Length




10 x 12 in.

.69 in.

4.9 lb.

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UPC 800000100310
Weight 4.90 LBS