Hornady American Whitetail 300 Win Mag 180Ggr Jacketed Soft Point 20 Round Box

SKU 82044
UPC 090255820447
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For the medium and large game hunter, Hornady American Whitetail 300 Win Mag 180gr Jacketed Soft Point ammunition is your trusted companion in the wilderness. Crafted with precision and designed for exceptional stopping power, these rounds ensure that your hunting adventures are marked by success and unforgettable moments with nature.


  • InterLock® Bullet Innovation: The InterLock® bullets are engineered with exposed lead tips for precise expansion and potent terminal performance. American Whitetail® ammunition employs groundbreaking secant ogive design bullets with an exclusive InterLock® ring—a raised ring embedded in the bullet's core, ensuring core and jacket cohesion during expansion, retaining mass and energy.
  • Tailored Powders: Loaded to conventional velocities, the powder is meticulously matched to each load, delivering optimum pressure and consistency. This guarantees that every load is compatible with semi-automatic firearms as well.
  • Premium Components: Like all Hornady® ammunition, American Whitetail® rounds are meticulously crafted with the highest quality cases and primers available. Consistency in components directly translates to consistent shooting performance in the field.

American Whitetail
300 Winchester Magnum
180 gr
Jacketed Soft Point
Casing Material:
Package Quantity:
Manufacturer Part #:

Additional Information

SKU 82044
UPC 090255820447
Weight 1.57 LBS
Manufacturer Hornady
Model American Whitetail
Caliber 300 Winchester Magnum
Grain 180 gr
Type Jacketed Soft Point
Casing Material Brass
Package Quantity 20
Manufacturer Part # 82044