Hornady V-Max Bullets 22 Cal. .224 60 gr. V-Max 100 Box

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Hornady V-Max bullets features a polymer tip bullet and streamlined design for flat trajectories, an ideal choice for varmint hunters. They offer straight-line trajectories, enhanced accuracy, dramatic expansion, and explosive fragmentation at a wide range of distances and velocities. The concentricity of the match grade AMP bullet jacket provides maximum accuracy and expansion, even at velocities as low as 1600 fps.
  • Polymer tip with a hollow cavity resting between the tip's shaft and the body of the bullet
  • High ballistic coefficient projectiles
  • Swaged lead core
  • Design promotes in-flight stability for long-range shooting

Additional Information

SKU 1702061-a2luc2V5cw
UPC 090255222814
Weight 0.90 LBS
Height 2.00 (in)
Width 2.25 (in)
Depth 2.50 (in)