Hoyt VTM 31 RH #70 Black

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The Hoyt VTM 31 RH #70 Black is your silent partner in the timeless art of bowhunting. Imagine yourself deep in the heart of the wilderness, where each rustle of leaves carries the promise of adventure. With the VTM 31 in your grip, you're not just an archer; you're a skilled hunter, merging cutting-edge technology with the essence of the wild. Precision-crafted and tuned for perfection, this bow effortlessly combines modern innovation with a deep reverence for the hunt. Its 70-pound draw weight and 31" frame offer the ideal balance of power and maneuverability for any hunting terrain. The sleek black finish pays tribute to the shadows of the forest, where legends are born with every arrow released. Whether you're tracking elusive game or navigating untamed landscapes, the Hoyt VTM 31 elevates your bowhunting experience, turning every hunt into a memorable journey into the heart of the wild, where the bow becomes an extension of your skill, and each arrow carries the spirit of the hunt.


  • HBX Pro Cam: Unlock the potential of the HBX Pro™ Cam.
  • Vital Point Grip: Experience the ergonomic excellence of the Vital Point Grip.
  • Picatinny Sight Mount: Equip your bow with the versatile Picatinny Sight Mount for precision aiming.
  • Integrate Rest Mount: Seamlessly integrate the rest mount for impeccable arrow placement.
  • Lower Stabilizer Mount: Incorporate a lower stabilizer mount for enhanced balance.
  • SL Sidebar Mount: Opt for the innovative SL™ Sidebar Mount for streamlined accessory attachment.


  • Speed: 342 fps
  • Axle to Axle: 30 5/8"
  • Brace Height: 6"
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Draw Length: 25-30"
  • Draw Weight: 70#
  • Color: Black
  • Handedness: Right

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SKU 1365071
UPC 889374504723
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