Kahles 50mm Objective Flip Up Lens Cover w/ Adaptor Ring

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The Kahles 50mm Objective Lens Cover with Adapter Ring is your scope's trusty shield, designed to safeguard the lens from dirt, scratches, and adverse weather conditions. Precision-engineered to fit K312i and K318i Kahles scopes, this cover ensures that your optics remain crystal clear, allowing you to maintain peak performance during your shooting adventures.


  • Objective Lens Protection: Effectively shields the 50mm objective lens from dust, debris, and other potential hazards during outdoor activities, ensuring clear and unobstructed views through your Kahles scope.
  • Compatible with Specific Kahles Scopes: Designed to fit seamlessly with Kahles K312i and K318i scopes, providing a tailored and secure fit for these optics.
  • Quick and Easy Access: The flip-up design allows for convenient and rapid access to the objective lens, enabling swift target acquisition and uninterrupted shooting.

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SKU 30123
UPC 708026301230
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