Manners Composite Stocks T4A

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Introducing the Manners Composite Stocks T4A: Precision Engineering for Superior Performance.

Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, the Manners Composite Stocks T4A stands as a testament to precision and reliability. Crafted to exceed expectations, this stock is designed to elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

Equipped with a fixed 1" Pachmyer Decelerator pad as standard, the T4A offers the option for customization with an optional butt spacer system and a 1/2" Pachmyer Decelerator pad, ensuring personalized comfort for every shooter. Despite its robust construction, the T4A maintains a standard weight of just 2.8 lbs, delivering effortless handling and maneuverability in any shooting scenario.

With a fore-end width of approximately 2.50”, the T4A accommodates barrels up to 1.350 inches in diameter, providing versatility for a wide range of firearms. Its parallel sides and bottom of the fore-end, along with the bottom of the butt behind the hook, ensure straight and true alignment when using bags, enhancing accuracy and consistency with every shot.

The fore-end of the stock is expertly textured on the back half, while the pistol grip has been lengthened by about 1/4" compared to previous models, ensuring optimal grip and control for shooters of all sizes.

Designed around a Rem 700 style action, the T4A embodies the perfect balance of form and function, delivering unparalleled performance for discerning shooters.

Experience precision engineering at its finest with the Manners Composite Stocks T4A - where reliability meets perfection, and performance knows no bounds.



  • Comes with fixed 1" Pachmyer Decelerator pad as standard
  • Optional butt spacer system available
  • Option for 1/2" Pachmyer Decelerator pad
  • Standard weight: 2.8 lbs
  • Fore-end width: approximately 2.50”
  • Accommodates barrels up to 1.350 inches in diameter
  • Parallel sides and bottom of fore-end and bottom of butt behind the hook
  • Ensures straight and true alignment when using bags
  • Fore-end textured on back half
  • Pistol grip lengthened by about 1/4" compared to T2 stock
  • Designed around Rem 700 style action

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Tactical Stocks

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SKU 900000001631
UPC 900000001631
Weight 3.00 LBS
Stock Use Tactical Stocks