NOS 50300 BALLISTIC TIP ML 50C 300 15

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UPC 054041503006

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Nosler 50300 Ballistic Tip Muzzleloader 50 Cal Spitzer Point 300 GR 15 Per Box
The Ballistic Tip MZ was created by Nosler to bring legendary Ballistic Tip rifle bullet accuracy and terminal performance to today's generation of high-performance muzzleloading rifles. This bullet has an orange polymer tip and a streamlined ogive to maximize effective shooting range. The polymer tip also assists in initiating bullet expansion upon target impact, which is a signature of the Ballistic Tip line. Created specifically for the lower velocities generated by muzzleloading rifles, the Ballistic Tip MZ provides reliable expansion and deep penetration over a broad range of velocities.
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50 Cal
Bullet Type:
Spitzer Point
Bullet Weight:
300 gr
Rounds Per Box:
Bullet Coating:

Additional Information

SKU 88193-c3NvdXRo
UPC 054041503006
Weight 0.70 LBS
Height 0.50 (in)
Width 5.70 (in)
Depth 8.20 (in)
Caliber 50 Cal
Bullet Type Spitzer Point
Bullet Weight 300 gr
Rounds Per Box 15
Bullet Coating Copper
Series Muzzleloader