Nosler Ballistic Silvertip Hunting Bullets .270 Cal. 150 gr. Spitzer Point 50 pk.

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The Ballistic Silvertip Hunting Bullet are designed with a Lubalox exterior coating which is a bullet jacket coating used to reduces barrel fouling and increases the number of shots between cleanings. Unlike moly-coated bullets, Lubalox-coated bullets leave the barrel residue-free and do not require barrel seasoning. Optimum velocity performance is obtained between 1800 to 3200 fps to create a large-diameter mushroom upon impact. The boat-tail solid base combined with the polymer tip offer extreme long-range performance and easier loading.
  • Polymer Silvertip
  • Lubalox exterior coating
  • Fully tapered jacket and special lead-alloy core
  • Heavy jacketed base
  • Ballistically engineere solid base

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SKU 1206460-a2luc2V5cw
UPC 054041511001
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