Ops-Core Fast SF Super High Cut Ballistic Helmet System Multicam L

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The Ops-Core FAST SF Super High Cut Ballistic Helmet is a high-performance upgrade from the iconic Ops-Core FAST Maritime and is the commercial variant of the USSOCOM Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements Family of Tactical Headborne Systems (SPEAR FTHS) ballistic helmet. Made from the most advanced materials, including Carbon, Unidirectional Polyethylene, and woven Aramid, this helmet boasts an 8% weight reduction from the Legacy FAST Maritime, offering increased protection, comfort, and stability for users.

With its "Super High Cut" profile and optimized weight distribution, the Ops-Core FAST SF provides critical coverage over the rear occipital lobe without interference from load carriers, allowing for improved integration, balance, and comfort during long periods of wear. The reduction in weight is especially beneficial for users wearing NVG's cantilevered off their head, making every ounce count. The Ops-Core FAST SF is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-performance ballistic helmet that prioritizes protection, comfort, and ease of use.


  • Improved Vented Lux Liner is standard on all models
  • Base of helmet features expanded polypropylene (EPP) liner
  • Molded-in vent holes are integrated with the shell to provide increased airflow and reduce heat stress
  • Super High Cut Skeleton Rails offer a lower profile with a 30% weight reduction from FAST MT Super High Cut Rails.
  • Skeleton Rails feature increased tie-down points for mission-critical equipment
  • Slotted spacer shim allows the mounting of accessories such mandibles without taking up valuable space on the helmet rails
  • FAST SF's Shell is drilled for the standard MARSOC/WARCOM three-hole pattern.
  • Comes standard with the new Lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) that reduces snag hazards and interference
  • OCC Dial liner
  • Large Size


  • Size: L
  • Manufacturing: Two Stage, Non Slit
  • Head Circumfrence: 22" - 23-1/4"
  • Protection Area of Coverage: 148"²
  • Shell Weight: 1.47 lbs
  • Thickness: 0.220"
  • Geometry: Fast Curvature
  • Cut: Super High Cut
  • Color: Multicam


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UPC 498798683169
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