Q Mini Fix 5.56 NATO Gray 16" Rifle

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UPC 850035705308
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Imagine the thrill of a rifle that packs the punch of a 5.56 NATO round into a compact, agile form factor. The Q Mini Fix 5.56 NATO Gray 16" Rifle is just that—a fun-sized powerhouse that turns every range day into an exhilarating adventure. With its svelte 6-pound silhouette and a one-piece receiver that merges simplicity with elegance, this rifle is a symphony of precision engineering. The swift 45° bolt throw whispers efficiency with every action, while the fully adjustable folding stock molds to your unique frame, making it an extension of your will. The free-floating Q-Sert handguard anticipates your every move, allowing for an array of accessories to enhance the shooting experience. Perfect for those who appreciate the finesse of a fine-tuned trigger, its 2-stage match-grade pull is the prelude to a shot that’s as satisfying as the rifle is to carry. Compact enough to maneuver with ease yet robust enough to stand its ground, the Q Mini Fix redefines what a fun, portable rifle can be—providing a story in every shot for the marksman who delights in details.


  • One-Piece Receiver and 45° Short Throw Bolt Handle for swift action and structural integrity.
  • Adjustable and Folding Stock combined with a Free Float Q-Sert Handguard for superior comfort and adaptability.
  • AR/M4 Magazine Compatibility and Full-Length Picatinny Top Rail for operational convenience and customization.
  • Threaded Tapered Muzzle with Cherry Bomb Brake and a 2-Stage Match Trigger for precision shooting.


  • Weight: 6.375 pounds
  • Overall Length (Extended Stock): 36.08 inches
  • Length with Stock Open: 35.09 inches
  • Compact Length (Stock Folded): 25.32 inches
  • Barrel Specifications: 16-inch length with a 1:7 twist rate, tapered profile, crafted from stainless steel
  • Muzzle Threads: Standard 1/2-28 pitch
  • Highlight Color: Stylish gray accents
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UPC 850035705308
Weight 6.34 LBS
Has serial number yes