Remington American Clay & Field Loads 410 ga. 2.5 in. 1/2 oz. 8 Shot 250 rd.

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Featuring a premium STS primer, reloadable hull, our patented Power Piston wad and high-hardness lead shot, they deliver flawless performance and consistent patterning, whether your target is winged or clay.
  • High-hardness lead shot for consistent, tight patterns at all ranges
  • Remington Power Piston Wads cushion the shot charge for less deformation and more consistent velocities even in overbore barrels
  • All Brass STS Primer components - suitable for all shotguns, including high grade fixed breech firearms
  • Premium brass-plated steel caps and high strength plastic hulls for superior functional quality and reloadability
Color 1:
8 Shot

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SKU 1704520-a2luc2V5cw
UPC 047700521015
Weight 1.00 LBS
Color 1 Green
Size 8 Shot