Thunder Beast Arms FLY 9 Suppressor

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The Thunder Beast Arms FLY 9 9mm Suppressor redefines what a high-performance suppressor should be. With its ingenious design, it offers versatility and top-tier sound suppression in both Long and Short configurations. In the Long form, it defies expectations, delivering superior quietness while remaining remarkably lightweight. The Short version is unmatched in compactness and ease of handling. Whether you're using standard or subsonic ammo, the FLY 9 keeps noise levels impressively low. Its strength is put to the test and exceeds even the most demanding subgun loadouts. Crafted with precision and backed by rigorous testing, the FLY 9 is your ticket to a suppressed shooting experience like no other.


  • Body constructed entirely from titanium
  • Utilizes tubeless design
  • Designed for robust use, with full-auto ratings for 9mm
  • Baffle core fully welded in a 360-degree configuration
  • Rated for .300 Blackout, including subsonic and full-power loads


  • Maximum rated caliber: 9mm, .300 Blackout, .350 Legend
  • Material: Titanium, 17-4 stainless piston
  • Length: 7.0 inches (Long); 4.4 inches (Short) lengths include piston
  • Diameter: 1.39 inches
  • Mounts: 1/2-28 piston and booster included; also fixed spacer
  • Weight: 7.9 ounces (Long); 5.5 ounces (Short) includes piston (1/2-28 for reference)
  • Finish: Black CeraKote; OD Green or FDE available
  • Use: Full-auto 9mm; .300 Blackout and .350 Legend, semi-auto Hard-Use/Full-Auto


Please be aware that the purchase of all NFA items involves a considerable waiting period. The current estimated turn-around time for processing and approval by the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) is approximately 9-12 months. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to fulfill your order and comply with all legal requirements. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and lawful purchasing experience.

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UPC 8000000100046
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