Uberti 1874 Sharps Down Under .45/70 34" Rifle

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The Uberti 1874 Sharps Down Under .45/70 34" Rifle is more than just a replica; it's a testament to timeless craftsmanship and precision. Crafted to honor the classic design of the Sharps rifle, it excels in target shooting and hunting, offering both accuracy and nostalgia. With its case-hardened finish, checkered A-Grade Walnut stock, and exceptional build quality, this rifle embodies the spirit of the Old West. Whether you're reliving the past or creating new adventures in the great outdoors, the Uberti 1874 Sharps is a faithful companion that combines heritage and performance like no other.


  • Precision Shooting Aid: Double Triggers on all Uberti’s 1874 Sharps rifles, with the front trigger customizable to achieve an exceptionally light pull-weight, enhancing shooting accuracy.
  • Versatile Sight Options: The Sharps receiver boasts a drilled and tapped top tang, providing the flexibility to mount a Creedmoor rear sight for improved aiming.
  • Legendary Movie Inspiration: Uberti's “Down Under” Sharps pays homage to the iconic rifle carried by Tom Selleck in the film "Quigley Down Under," celebrated for its remarkable long-range shooting capabilities.


  • Model: 1874 Sharps
  • Model Description: Down Under
  • Caliber: .45/70
  • Barrel Length: 34"
  • Receiver Finish: Case-Hardened
  • Stock Finish: A-Grade Walnut, Checkered
  • Frame Finish: Case-Hardened
  • Barrel: Octagonal
  • Barrel Finish: Blue
  • Buttplate Finish: Case-Hardened
  • Number of Grooves: 6
  • Twist Rate: 1:20, RH
  • Overall Length: 50.9"
  • Average Weight: 13.25 lbs
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SKU 71003
UPC 037084710037
Weight 13.25 LBS
Has serial number yes