Walker's 25 Pair Foam Ear Plugs

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Walker's Foam Ear Plugs provide the perfect solution for protecting your hearing in noisy environments, whether you're at the range, working in a loud workshop, or attending a concert. With 25 pairs included, you can enjoy peace and tranquility while safeguarding your hearing, making these earplugs a must-have accessory for any noise-conscious individual.


  • Superior Noise Reduction: Walker's Foam Ear Plugs provide exceptional noise reduction, safeguarding your hearing in noisy environments.
  • Comfortable Fit: These earplugs are made of soft foam material that conforms to your ear shape, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for extended use.
  • Convenient Quantity: With 25 pairs included in each package, you'll have an ample supply of earplugs for various occasions, from shooting ranges to concerts, and more.


  • NRR: 32DB

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UPC 888151024102
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