Trijicon HD Glock Small Frame Night Sights -Orange Front Dot

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Elevate your small frame Glock experience with the Trijicon HD Night Sights, featuring a vibrant orange front dot for unmatched clarity and quick target acquisition. These sights combine the robustness of tritium illumination for low-light conditions and a uniquely designed front sight, making them an indispensable tool for precision and reliability in any situation.


  • Versatile Sight Visibility: Boasts a glow-in-the-dark front sight and contrasting "U" notch rear for quick target acquisition in diverse lighting conditions.
  • Robust, Luminous Design: The sights are enhanced with durable tritium lamps, safeguarded by aluminum housing and sapphire caps, ensuring consistent visibility and protection against recoil and solvents.


  • Fits Make: Glock®
  • Compatible Models: 42, 43, 43x, 43E, and 48 (excluding MOS models)
  • Front Lamp Color: Green
  • Rear Lamp Color: Green
  • Front Paint Color: Orange
  • Rear Paint Color: Black
  • Front Blade Width: 0.144 in. (3.65mm)
  • Front Blade Height: 0.215 in. (5.46mm)
  • Overall Front Blade Height: 0.268 in. (6.8mm)
  • Rear Notch Style: U-Notch
  • Rear Notch Width: 0.169 in. (4.29mm)
  • Rear Blade Height: 0.201 in. (5.1mm)
  • Overall Rear Height: 0.291 in. (7.39mm)
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SKU GL113-C-600785
UPC 719307212701
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