R.L. Winston AIR 2 MAX 8 wt. 4 Piece Fly Rod

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Embark on a Bahamian bonefishing adventure with the R.L. Winston AIR 2 MAX 8 wt. 4 Piece Fly Rod, where precision meets power in an unparalleled union of Boron and AIR 2 materials, tailored for the elusive ghost of the flats. With its fast action and featherlight touch, this rod turns every cast into a story of triumph, capturing the essence of the chase in the sun-drenched shallows of the Bahamas.


  • Handle Control: Features a 7-inch full wells grip for 6-10wt models and an 8-inch version for 11-12wt, crafted from top-tier Flor Grade Cork.
  • Performance: Lightning Speed
  • Reel Anchor: Crafted from silver, featherlight anodized aluminum with barrel accents showcasing a Green Script emblem. Equipped with dual uplocking aluminum rings and a 1.5-inch Fighting Butt for 6-10wt, extending to 2.5 inches for 11-12wt.
  • Line Guides - Stripping: Built from Cerecoil hard titanium, offering supreme flexibility and durability, complemented by a Ceramic insert.
  • Line Guides - Snake: Recoil saltwater snake guides, finished in hard titanium for optimal resilience and bendability.
  • Construction: Quadruple section assembly.
  • Transport Solution: Housed in a premium Graphite Tube accompanied by a branded Rod Sock.
  • Origin and Prestige: Conceived and meticulously handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA, and trusted by anglers globally.
  • Pinnacle Technology: Incorporates the award-winning AIR 2 and Boron materials for an unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio and the quickest recovery action ever seen in a fly rod.
  • Superior Performance: Engineered for unparalleled lifting power, precision tracking, swift recovery, and featherlight handling, ideal for any saltwater or big-game challenge globally.
  • Advanced Stripping Guides: Features unique Cerecoil hard-titanium stripping guides that offer exceptional flexibility in confined spaces, coupled with a super-slick ceramic insert for blistering line speeds and effortless long-distance casting.
  • Efficient Casting Mechanics: Achieves greater distances with minimal effort and reduced backcasts, ensuring extraordinary line shooting capabilities and exceptional durability.
  • Elite Snake Guides: Utilizes Recoil hard-titanium saltwater snake guides, known for their saltwater resilience, lightweight design, and superior flexibility, facilitating quick, effortless casts with large flies.
  • Innovative Grip Design: Introduces a new universal flor-grade grip with minimal swells and short flares, accommodating a variety of hand sizes and grip styles, enhancing overall handling, line control, and comfort during epic battles with the largest fish.

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UPC 810092901464
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