Enrico Puglisi EP Shrimp Dub Brush 2" - Tan

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I originally developed EP™ SHRIMP DUB to use on my shrimp patterns to imitate the grass shrimp we have in the Long Island Sound. Then a few years later I incorporated it into a brush for an easier, faster application. It’s a very lifelike, translucent brush that makes the perfect collar or body on any fly (a personal favorite of mine for bonefish flies). With 12 colors to choose from to match any baitfish, the EP™ SHRIMP DUB BRUSH is not only for shrimp but for many other fly patterns as well.

- 6 Brushes Per Pack
- 10" Length x 2" Width
- Stainless Steel Wire Core
- Extremely Durable
- Does Not Absorb Water
- Very Easy To Cast
- Blend of EP™ FIBERS, EP™ SILKY, EP™ UV SPARKLE and Natural Materials

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2020-07-30 21:21:39

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UPC 693728005992
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