Noveske Gen 4 N4-PDW Diplomat Rifle

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Master the art of precision and agility with the Noveske N9 Space Invader 8.5″. Crafted for superior performance in close quarters, its compact design and advanced engineering deliver unmatched reliability and handling, making every shot count in the most critical moments.


  • Barrel Length: This model features an 8.5-inch barrel, optimized for close-quarters combat and maneuverability, making it suitable for tactical situations and personal defense.
  • Receivers: It features precision-machined billet upper and lower receivers, which enhance the durability and reliability of the firearm, ensuring it withstands rigorous use.
  • Handguard: The N9 Space Invader is equipped with a Noveske 6.25-inch M-LOK handguard, providing ample space for attachments such as lights, lasers, and grips, while maintaining a sleek, modular design.
  • Suppressor Ready: The barrel comes with a 1/2x28 threaded muzzle, making it suppressor-ready. This allows for an easy addition of a suppressor, reducing noise and muzzle blast, which is beneficial for both tactical and recreational shooting.

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SKU 02000518
UPC 840906118085
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